About us

the Willamette fam

Willamette Paper is a family-run shop based in Portland, Oregon. We're creative professionals who spend an inordinate amount of time drawing our animals. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality paper using the most environmentally sustainable methods and materials.

  • We print your order when we receive it, so there's no wasted inventory. It also allows us to be more adventurous with our designs. 
  • We use a printer in Iowa, so we can ship to the entire country for less.
  • Our printer uses recycled materials and certified UL Greenguard ink. It's high-quality ink, and frankly, I haven't seen better-quality wrapping paper in stores.

We design all our patterns ourselves using a multitude of techniques, including hand-drawing, photography, vector art, Adobe software, and generative tools.

Please don't hesitate to reach out on the contact us page!